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1919 marked the beginning of Avia aircraft and engine manufacture. During the pre-war era, Avia was associated mostly with the aerospace industry as the producer of Avia transporters and military planes, including the famous Czech fighter - the Avia B-534.

Avia BH-1 (1920; on the left) and Avia B-34 (1932; on the right)

From 1939-1940, Avia continued to produce planes. After the war, Avia manufactured the Avia 14-32, the largest aircraft ever produced in the Czech Republic.

Avia Av-14 (1951)

In 1946, during the post-war era, Avia became involved in the automotive industry. As early as 1946, work was completed on the 706R line of trucks and buses. In 1961 the aerospace program was gradually phased out, however Avia continued to specialise in engines and propellers. In the 1960s, the company was associated with two highly successful lines of mid-sized trucks - the Praga V3S and S5T. The immensely popular V3S remained in production until 1988. The company also produced OT-64 armoured transporters for the army.

Škoda 706 R (1946; on the left) and Praga V3S (1961; on the right)

1967 is another important date marking Avia's aquisition of the French license to produce 1.5 and 3 ton Renault-Saviem trucks, which became the A15 and A30/A20 models. In 1983, Avia began producing the innovative A31/21 line.

Avia A15 (1968)

1995 was truly a landmark year, Daewoo purchased a majority of Avia, which resulted in the new name Daewoo Avia in 1996. In 1997, the company introduced a new modernised truck line - the A60, A75 and A80. At the same time, Daewoo Avia laid the groundwork for the D-LINE launch in 2000. 2000 marked the launch of the Daewoo Avia D-LINE.

Daewoo-Avia A75 (1997; on the left) a Daewoo-Avia D75 (2000; on the right)


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