21:50:41 Eric Hello...does someone know a good workshop, specialized on avia trucks (engine and body work), cheap, and near to german border...like Liberec, Trebice, Decin or so????
15:33:43 RetroLand @Eric -> Thks !! for gammakladno.cz
16:49:59 Max
17:54:52 misod Can some one help me and send me Nvod k obsluze Avia D75 2006 ero 3 on my email drnovsek.risp@gmail.com thank you
17:44:21 misod Hi to all I need Nvod k obsluze Avia D75 2006 ero 3 thank you
23:58:13 Eric hello
22:20:48 Max Hello there...
11:44:34 RetroLand Ich suche ein AVIA Wohnmobil
22:43:46 John Hi from the island of Cyprus.After starting ,a sitting for 5 years, 712 family engine it could not start again.Any views???
02:08:44 pdb660 anyone can help me to find a fuel injection pum for an A·31 Engine
16:30:51 Saviem72 @Jonathan, you can find new engines at: http://truckparts.cz/avia-centrum/
15:23:13 Jonathan hi, does somebody here can tell me wher i can find an engine for a A31TN truck, i think it's a man engine, i'm in France
12:16:40 Nico02 @Eric => Thks !!
12:06:58 Eric hi nico, try: http://www.gamakladno.cz/ they have basicly all parts for avia. or for a clutch bearing you can also try: http://www.discount-house.cz ...i used the page with google translate and it's a bit of a pain in the ass but it worx. they do send parts to germany so i think they will also send them to france. good luck
18:43:26 igazanti Hi All, I am new here and would appreciate for some help...
18:48:49 Nico02 You could see my Saviem TP3 with Avia engine (Special thanks to Vaclav Janecek ) - But cant move without this bearing clutch
18:47:37 Nico02 I need a bearing clutch for my AVIA D421 Engine MF280 Impossible to find it in France. Could you suggest me an adress where i can buy it ? I will be in CZ next week, near cesky budovice. Thanls a lot. My Email is contact@hunza.fr
18:45:36 Nico02 I'm Nicolas From France
18:45:27 Nico02 Hello
00:25:06 stokr556 hallo all. I found for my front grille logo/emblems "SAVIEM". and its here any, who can this logo send to Czech Republic? And Oliver, has you from me Club mail?? Peter
22:41:43 Eric hello someone there?
01:25:18 Olivier Mystake on this picture wally http://en.avia-club.com/g...model=36&ddlb_submodel=31 It's not a SG5 ... It's a TP3 .... 4x4 !
00:08:01 Olivier Hi! Is it a Garrett or a KKK the turbo on A31 ? Thanks
13:57:06 Eric maybe i already found something
13:40:27 Eric can anybody here help me???
13:40:03 Eric without this i can not get german number plates for my truck
13:39:23 Eric it's something like a paper with tecnical specifications for this model from the company
13:38:26 Eric i need a "data sheet??" or something like that for avia 31 year 87
13:37:11 Eric yes i can speak english allright and i like avia trucks
01:36:27 Olivier how can I do to add a youtube vids ?
01:35:02 Olivier hi, now you can see my trucks
01:50:09 Olivier Sorry no BbCodes ... Copy this URL in your browser ... I think it's OK
01:45:10 Olivier http:/forum.bernard.debucquoi.com/download/file.php?id=11168&mode=view
01:24:19 Olivier I will try to put a link ... I don't know if I can
01:22:15 Olivier Sorry but I can't post any pictures of my trucks with my phone ... I have to repair my computer first ... He don't appreciate da beer
01:01:06 Olivier Hi ! I'm Olivier I Come from France and I have a Saviem SM8 4x4
22:10:44 Lublin39 Ahoj, nemáte někdo schéma na Lublina 3 ?
15:01:35 Prashskiy hello! help find brochures Avia-A31! Если что, могу по-русски...
18:30:38 Dubrava NEED 5-Speed or 6-Speed transmission for Avia 712.18
19:14:29 Dubrava Нужна хорошая 5-ступенчатая коробка за разумные деньги!
21:41:13 hastrman
21:39:06 hastrman caute chcem kupit aviu karavan oplati sa alebo hladam radsej inu znacku?
21:57:43 bmx avia 21
21:57:28 bmx zvonda o tom, jak steluju dizne
21:50:27 bmx hello
17:33:59 RICHARD Hallo bmx
17:19:06 RICHARD Is here anybody, who can speak a litle bit English and who like Avia trucks or caravans??
13:18:34 Clawa Привет!Думаю покупать или нет Авиа21ф с запчастями плохо.
09:02:49 bobby Hey KREST ti stes
09:01:59 bobby yes