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2011-02-25 14:29:40

A few days ago I bought myself an Avia 31 truck in an autobazar in czeck republic. also it was opticly rundown and in need of some repairs and the direction wasn't straight at all it seemed tecnicly ok. the tires and the suspensions where ok, the engine and the gears sseemed sound. well about 100km before my hometown of berlin the gearbox broke for no reason. I like this truck and i do want to repair it. getting parts for avia in germany is impossible So here my question:DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHERE TO FIND A GEARBOX FOR AN A31 TRUCK. CAN BE NEW OR 2ND HAND BUT BETTER 2ND HAND SINCE I DON'T HAVE A LOT OF MONEY. also for what i know avia bought the license for this truck from renault. so is there a identical model from renault that i could use the parts of and if yes what is the name of it. well i say thanx a lot for any aswers

2014-09-02 20:34:44

eric: i am a new owner of an A31 clutch burned out i could not find one for sale so i got the old one re-lined, i suggest you try to get the gearbox i said i am new to this as i just bought my A31 but i love this vehicle, hope you get yours fixed, best regards Tommy.

2014-09-08 17:52:05

meetlaaf: Hi, thanx for your post. It's been a long time ago so ...more than 2 years... and it turned out to be the clutch not the gearbox

(like the "f...." in the workshop tried to make me believe).

At the time I was so worried when i found out that spares for this vehicle are absolutely impossible to get in germany, finally I went to czech republic to buy a new disk (cost fuck all, about 35€), bought a whole bunch of spare parts just because they where so suprisingly cheap compared to mercedes vans or many other brands. Now i buy parts online from a online shop called and have them shiped here. It's a bit tricky using the page with google translate but it works. specially if you have a part number to search for (I uploaded a spare parts catalogue in the manual section). The guy who wrote me after I ordered parts spoke good english. Probably you can just write them a mail if you can't find a part. A lot of original parts have been replaced with more modern parts that function and fit the same but are slightly different so they have a new part number. Some parts are not availible anymore...

Second hand parts are sold really really cheap in CZ (check out the Classifieds section here in the forum but change to czech language) but communication with people is difficult (mostly they don't even bother to answer if you don't speak chech). but some of the chechs here in the forum speak english and may help.

If you need repair instructions I got a english workshop repair manual. Half of it I scanned and uploaded in the manual section (then I got tired of pressing the book on the scanner for hours) if you need one of the other sections let me know and i'll scan it and upload it.

wish you lots of happy kilometers with your avia and hope you'll never need all this spare parts info

best regards Eric

2014-09-08 18:16:06

hi Eric what a nice detailed letter, thank you for all the info, she is going fab just now...its the MOT test that demands repairs... but i will keep what you said in mind, thank you again. best regards Tommy.